Electrical Installation

Expert Electrical Installation Services

Ideal Heat & Build LTD provides electrical installation services for commercial and residential buildings. In London, we offer electrician services for offices, schools, warehouses, hotels, restaurants and other industrial buildings. We deal with electrical maintenance by meeting your building needs.

Our certified team has leading safety standards, so we ensure the safety of your people and property. We are also well equipped with advanced technologies to deliver you high-quality services. All the jobs we do in safe and efficient manners.

Ideal Heat & Build LTD has experience in dealing with emergency situations in electrical maintenance services. Our trained team is always here to help you in any type of situation. We use powered access equipment and mobile elevating work platforms to deal with challenging environments. Whether you have a multi-storey building or any other hard-to-access area, we have the perfect electric solutions for you.

Electrical installations are the lifeblood of any modern building. They provide the essential infrastructure for powering lights, appliances, and countless other systems that make our lives comfortable and productive. These complex systems, often hidden behind walls and beneath floors, are meticulously designed and installed by skilled professionals to ensure safety, efficiency, and reliable operation.

electrical installation encompasses a wide range of components, each playing a crucial role in delivering electricity from the source to its intended use. This includes:

Wiring: This is the network of cables that carry electrical current throughout the building. Different types of wires are used for different purposes, depending on the voltage and amperage requirements.

Distribution boards: These panels house circuit breakers and other devices that distribute electricity throughout the various circuits in the building. They also provide protection against overloads and short circuits.

Switches and sockets: These devices provide control over individual circuits and allow for connection of appliances and equipment.

Lighting: This includes light fixtures, lamps, and associated wiring and controls.

Grounding system: This crucial element creates a safe path for stray electrical currents to flow away from equipment and people, preventing potential hazards.

The design and installation of electrical systems are governed by strict safety codes and regulations. These regulations aim to minimize the risk of electrical hazards such as fires, shocks, and injuries. Qualified electricians undergo rigorous training and testing to ensure their skills and knowledge meet these stringent standards.

Beyond safety, electrical installations Near me play a vital role in energy efficiency. By choosing the right components and design strategies, buildings can minimize energy consumption and reduce their environmental impact. This includes utilizing energy-efficient lighting systems, smart controls, and renewable energy sources.

Electrical Installation


Power Supplies are important to warehouses, shops, factories, garages, water pumps and other industrial buildings. We understand the importance of the electric power at your place, so there is no need to look further. Our expert team and equipment ensure reliable industrial electrical installation services. 

We provide you with a wide variety of electrical services from home building to all complex structures. This much experience means that our services are in compliance with the industrial customer’s requirements and all the safety responsibilities.

We offer electrical services that are fully compliant with the newest 18th edition Requirements for Electrical Installations. Our technicians do their job without any disruption in your business. We meet the sat and health requirements of our customers. The business owner, landlord or any other customer has great peace of mind while having our services.

With the guarantee of timely electrical services, we value the customer’s needs. If you are in the public or private sector, make an appointment right away. We deliver you high-quality electrical services with great attention.