Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Testing and Installation Services

Emergency Lighting is one of the main requirements of commercial buildings. Being a business owner, it is your responsibility to adopt safety precautions. The lighting is necessary to deal with fire safety. If you want to comply with the Regulatory Reform Order(RRO) 2005, rely on Idea Heat & Build LTD. We make a proper plan for your building’s emergency lighting so you have no fire threats.

We are professional in inspection, testing, and maintenance plans for your organization. Our lighting service is crucial for residential and commercial buildings of all types. We aim to make your home, guest house, hotel, office, and other properties safe and secure.

Whether you need to install the new lighting system or replace it, our team is here to help you. From socket replacement to full electrical rewiring, we have all the efficient solutions. Our team gives you quality suggestions after inspecting your place.

Emergency Lighting

How Does Emergency Lighting Service Work?

According to RRO, there is a requirement to have emergency lighting in commercial and lighting apartment buildings. If you have a multi-storey house or apartment building, this service is worthwhile for your living. When there is a lighting failure in your space, these illuminating emergency exits help the occupants to get outside.

It is best to get the lighting maintenance service once a month. When you hire our technician for the emergency light test, he tests whether all the emergency lights are operating or not. The second step is the inspection of the battery drain and the overall condition of the system. 

If there is a need for any Electrical repair, our technician does it in quick and efficient ways. After the emergency light testing, we issue an emergency light certificate to your building.

Must make contact with our certified electricians for monthly emergency light testing. We ensure all systems are serviced to BS 5266 at least annually.